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Property Development

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Finance for property development is a specialist market that requires expertise and knowledge in order to provide accurate information.

We have a number of Commercial Finance Brokers who are commercially accredited with the major banks and lending institutions, and understand all aspects of property development such as LVR's (Loan to Value Ratio), LDCR's (Loan to Development Cost Ratio), GRV's (Gross Realization Value), in-one-line valuations and pre-sales. We also have access to a number of second-tier lenders and other private funders that can assist with equity or mezzanine debt funding.

We do the research for you and compare all available offers to ensure you are not only getting the best interest rate, but also the best deal. There has never been a more competitive time in the commercial property sector, so talk to Jaiz Investment solution about how you can get into the market.