We are a trusted partner and an engaged shareholder.


  • Are there upfront Fees?

    Yes, there are upfront fees. However, this is only applicable if a Client’s project receives approval by the JAIZ Board of Directors after a successful First Appraisal Reading of the Project.

  • What is the duration of your contract period?

    3 - 5 years for Short Term Projects 

              5- 35 years for Long Term Projects 

  • What is your scope of funding?

    $1Million - $5 Billion 

  • What are your territories of Interest??

    Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia & Africa. 

  • What are your sectors of business interest??

    Our major sectors of business interest includes aerospace, agribusiness, Real estate, Telecommunication, financial service and Fintech, ICT, semiconductors, metals & mining, pharmaceutical and medical technology, Tourism, capital markets, Industrial plants, renewable energy, Oil & Gas, utilities, and the management of diverse financial holdings etc.